How to Dye with Madder? (Rubia Tinctorum) by BillyNou

How to naturally dye with madder powder, botanical color, shades of red.

How do you dye cotton with madder?

What color is madder root?

How to Dye with Madder

How do you dye natural fibers?

Natural Dye Madder

How do you dye fabric naturally?

BillyNou is about the wonderful process of natural dyeing I do for my brand, life, motherhood, and the trials and errors of making and crafting. I’d like to inspire others to become more conscientious, to find a connection with nature, and benefit from this immense and totally accessible energy.

 love what I do and try to live what I love. I offer you a window into my personal journey with the hope of being some benefit to you in one way or another.

Watch instruction in the link below:

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