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Persian Madder | Rubia Tinctorum L.

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Persian Madder Powder

All parts of the madder plant contain dye substance the pigment which is called alizarin, but the roots have the largest concentration. Its harvested, dried in the shadow, and then powdered. 

Its homeland is the Mediterranean region. It is also grown a lot in the Western and Central Anatolian regions. The paint prepared with Alizarin and Parparin materials obtained from the roots of the species is known in the world as Turkish red, Rubia Tinctorum. It is known to be the first plant used in yarn dyeing. Now you can buy Persian Madder from Turkey directly. 

It is a plant that grows on perennial and fertile soil with rhizostome 1 to 2 meters tall. The plant, which grows in the summer, has pale yellow flowers. In winter, the flowers of the plant are poured, but in spring they reopen. Its leaves are 4 to 6 pieces, circular from the same knuckle. The most likely homeland of foot boat is Anatolia. But it seems to have spread naturally to the Caucasus, Iran, Central West Asia, and the Himalayas. The most important dye plant for red color, the root boot has been cultivated for centuries. This plant was brought to North Africa and Europe, and even by the British and Portuguese, to India and cultivated. Although the root dye has been cultivated for a long time, new varieties have not been developed. There is no difference between the grown root and wild-grown roots. 

Persian Madder has been used since ancient times as a vegetable red dye for leather, wool, cotton, and silk. For dye production, the roots are harvested after two years. The outer red layer gives the common variety of the dye, the inner yellow layer of the refined variety. The dye is fixed to the cloth with the help of a mordant, most commonly alum. Madder can be fermented for dyeing as well (Fleurs de Garance). In France, the remains were used to produce a spirit.

Name: Madder
Scientific Name: Rubia Tinctorum L.
Obtained Colors: Purple, Dark Red, Apricot Color, Bright Red
Contained Dyestuff: Alizarin, Pseudopurpurin
Contain: Ruberthyrin acid

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How to Buy Persian Madder

We sell Madder Powder in small packages as retail on our website. Please be aware that we are also selling Persian madder powder as a wholesale. So you can buy wholesale Persian Madder from themazi. We consider every +50 kg orders as a wholesale and we offer reasonable prices.


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