why should you use natural dyes

Why Should You Use Natural Dyes Instead of Synthetic Dyes?

Why should you use natural dyes? Here are some of the best reasons to adopt these organic extracts in your creative projects.

Natural dyes are some of the oldest dyestuffs that have been used since ancient times. Our ancestors have adopted the use of organic extracts in their daily activities. It is a known fact that those who are at a higher level in ancient societies tend to wear clothes dyed with organic extracts. Since those ancient times, we have used natural dyes for a wide variety of occasions.

1. They are best when it comes to personal projects.

That being said, natural dyes are now considered ideal for personal projects or creative endeavors. Artists and craftspeople adopt natural dyes in their projects as the use of chemical or synthetic dyes is not healthy to work with.

After a thousand years, natural dyes remain magnificent colorants that we still use to surprise ourselves with amazing results. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, they offer such dyeing sessions and results that we can not achieve with conventional methods.

2. Every project is another foray into the unknown.

Every dyeing session you start with will have different results than the previous one. The unique and surprising results you will get at the end of your projects will help you come up with your way of dyeing your clothes.

As you familiarize yourself with the process, you will decide how much mordant should you add to the mixture or how long the solution should stay in the pot. All of these are amazing for boosting creativity.

Dyeing with natural dyes allows you to get experimental. This ancient and revered dyeing method is nothing similar to the painting process where you depend on synthetic or chemical dyes. Painting with them is often more cerebral because you know what tones you will get, which renders the process basic and devoid of surprise.

3. Healthy and eco-friendly.

Using natural dyes when dyeing clothes doe not expose you to any type of chemicals. These completely organic extracts do not contain additives or substances as well. Moreover, unlike clothes made from synthetic dyes, they will not be harmful to your skin health. If you want to wear your naturally dyed clothes, you will not have to think about toxic substances and petrochemicals.

It is also worth noting that some natural dyes are colorfast. It means that they bite into the fabric and do not fade away even after multiple washes. Using mordants with certain dye solutions can also make them resistant to washing.

4. It is a unique experience from beginning to end.

Gathering and ordering the ingredients to prepare for your project also offers a unique experience that is not found in most other hobbies. Natural dyes, from the first step to the final, is an amazing journey that is full of surprises. Even preparing the materials and wondering if you are going to achieve the desired shades is such a great stage in the process.

Preparing a mordant, pouring indigo, and stirring your boiling solution will do wonders for your creativity. All of these and more offer all the reasons why you should use natural dyes instead of synthetic dyes.

5. They are non-allergenic.

Natural dyes are not allergenic. They are unlikely to trigger any allergic reactions and skin irritations. Synthetic dyes, on the other hand, are chemically produced substances that can cause various health issues. Wearing clothes that are painted with such chemicals tends to result in a wide variety of skin problems in the future. That’s why more and more brands are now utilizing more sustainable production methods where it does not pose risks to our health.

Yet again, synthetic dyes and chemical colorants will continue to be in our lives for a long time. They are an integral part of the apparel industry and will be essential for painting textile materials. That’s why we, as consumers who should look after our skin health, should focus on depending on natural methods.

In the end, It is safe to say that dyeing a cloth from indigo will be a lot healthier than using a spray can or a different type of chemical product.

6. Natural dyeing projects don't need lots of materials.

Your passion projects with natural dyes will be quite humble in terms of material requirements. Apart from the source materials like the extracts and the cloth, there is a handful of stuff you need to get started with natural dyeing. Here are some of them:

  • Scale for weighing your fiber
  • Mordants
  • Pots and pans for the dye bath
  • Rubber gloves and face mask
  • Plastic bowl
  • Yarn of fabric
  • Rubber gloves

It is strongly recommended to prepare all these materials before you start your dyeing journey. Also, note that the pots and pans will not be useful for cooking after you are done with them.


There is no doubt that you will enjoy your natural dyeing projects. The process is will allow you to reach new heights in creativity. Make sure that you dive into worlds of madder and indigo to come up with unique and amazing results.

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