themazi is a family business that goes back to 1950'ies. We are collecting oak gall which contains %60-70 natural tannin. The tannin is a natural/organic additive for many sectors, like natural dyeing, chemical, cosmetic, winemaking. Now you can buy wholesale oak gall | oak gall tannin extract from Turkey easily. Themazi is your trustworthy international business partner. Our mission is to create a natural source of tannin and make it reachable for all businesses. We don't cut trees to make tannin but we collect and preserve the forests. That makes our business model sustainable environmental-friendly.

Meanwhile, we also try to provide natural dye stuff for dye lovers. We have find very nice madder root from locals. We also have weld, buckthorn, red pine extract, sumac leas powder, acorn extract and many other natural dye stuff. 

Natural dye stuff have never been such an easy to find.