Production of 3 Layer Muslin; Limited Pre-Sale

We are going to produce 3 layer muslin fabric in 15 of April. Before making production we decide to make pre-sale in wholesale prices.  Our pre-sale is limited to 1500 yards. So when its fulfilled we will end the pre-sale. 

As you know, muslin fabric is straight when its produced, the gauzed part of it created once its washed. As themazi company, we washed our muslin at home, thats why the gauze part are much more visible and its texture are much more softer.

We manufacture muslin fabric in 300cm in width in Turkey. After its washed the width of muslin fabric become 230-240cm in width. Its also getting shortler in length around 10-15%. As you can see, fabric shrinkage is almost 20% in width.

In this muslin fabric production we offer 2 different pre-sale method; 


1. Unwashed Muslin Fabric: 

Unwashed muslin fabric is 300cm in width. Minimum order is 100 yards (92 meters). Price per yard is 6$ in that option. 1 yard is 93cmx300cm. 


2. Home Washed Muslin Fabric:

Washed Muslin fabric is 230-240cm in width and price per yard is 7$. 1 yard is 93cmx230cm. Minimum order is 100 yards (92 meters). 


Where to Use Muslin Fabric?

Muslin fabric is mostly used for making baby blanket or throw. We produce our 6 layer or 8 layer muslin blankets from those fabrics. 

3 layer muslin fabric is also can be used in bedspread production. Its width is perfect match of bedspread, 220-230cm. You can easily make a summer summer blanket of muslin for yourself. 

We will also make production of 4 layer muslin fabric in the future. We will also inform you once the production is planned and we will offer you pre-sale purchase. 


What will be shipping cost of 100 yards of 3 layer muslin fabric?

We pack around 20 yards in each pack of cost as follow;

USA and Canada:  A pack of 20 -24 yards muslin is 120 USD. We will try to get better prices. 

European Union: A pack of 20 -24 yards muslin is 70-80 USD depending of which country is it. 

We can also check different option for bigger orders. Please let us know. 


How to Order Muslin Fabric in Pre-Sale?

Please email to us in contact form; we will send you the payment link for washed and unwashed muslin fabric. So you can directly pay for only product prices.

Once the production is completed, we will inform you to make payment for the shipment. 

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