Why to Wear Merino Wool?

  • Wool, which allows air and moisture to pass through the fabric in both directions, is breathable.
  • Unlike other fibers with its natural anti-static properties, wool has the ability to absorb more than 33% of its own weight in moisture vapor without giving a feeling of wetness. Wool does not sweat and absorbs sweat.
  • Thanks to its natural antimicrobial feature, it reduces the growth possibility of bacteria and fungi and thus prevents the formation of odor.
  • Wool is a heat stabilizer. It is cold proof.
  • Wool is not allergic. On the contrary, it does not allow the formation of allergic environments.
  • Wool is flexible.
  • Wool is natural.
  • Wool is healthy.
  • Wool is soft.
  • It has been determined that wool improves sleep quality thanks to its natural breathing and body temperature regulation feature.

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