Muslin baby blanket wholesale from Turkey from Manufacturer
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  • Załaduj obraz do przeglądarki galerii, Muslin baby blanket wholesale from Turkey from Manufacturer

8 Layer Muslin, Baby Swaddle Blanket

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Our cotton muslin swaddle blanket is an essential item for every newborn and baby. It comes in off-white, pink and blue colours. Most of muslin blankets for babies are made of 4-layer muslin fabric. We doubled it to make it 8 layer muslin blanket for babies for extra softness, durability and moisture absorption. This blanket is volatile and multifunctional because it keeps your baby cool in summer and warm in winter, moreover it can be used as baby bath towel as well. 

Our 6-layer muslin baby waddle is soft, lightweight, breathable, and absorbs moisture well. The fabric is durable, machine washable and stays soft after several washings. Due to the high quality, locally sourced fabric the blanket is healthy and hypoallergenic. The blanket is chemical and toxin free, therefore very suitable for the newborns’ delicate skin. 

You have the chance to customize your item! We dye the blanket for you with our natural dyes of your choice. Please note that the minimum order quantity for custom dyed products is 10 pcs.


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