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%100 Cotton Socks, Organic socks , Natural socks ,

%100 Cotton Socks, Organic socks , Natural socks ,

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100% COTTON. It is produced without using any chemical dyestuff. It has a preventive effect on the formation of fungi and bacteria on the feet. It keeps your feet comfortable and dry, and does not sweat, with its moisture-absorbing feature caused by the natural structure of cotton. It is durable for long-term wear. Does not put pressure on feet and calves.

ECO-FRIENDLY - These socks, which are produced from natural raw materials in order to prevent allergy disorders against rapidly increasing chemicals in the world, do not cause allergies and itching as no chemicals are used in their production.

GIFT SOCKS - These durable and long-lasting socks can be used easily and comfortably in both summer and winter months. Also, if you are looking for a gift for your friends and loved ones, these socks made of 100% cotton will be a symbol of the purity of your love.

All can be dyed with themazi natural dyes. Its the best gift for christmas if you are looking something amazing and eco-friendly. 


Naturally Dyed socks are also for sale please contact with us!


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