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P2. Peace Silk Fabric

P2. Peace Silk Fabric

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Peace Silk, also known as ahimsa Silk, cruelty-free silk and non-violent silk.

  • Made of with peace silk fiber in hand woven machines, contain %5 vegetable fiber.
  • The fabric is 114cm in width and its sold by yard  (1 yard 93cm). So when you buy one that means you will receive 114cmx93cm. 
  • Our Peace silk produced in Turkey. 
  • We ship peace silk fabric worldwide with trusted Carrier like UPS, FedEX, DHL and TNT.


What is Peace Silk: 

Peace silk is a method of nonviolent silk breeding and harvesting. Wild silk moths are bred, rather than the domestic variety. It allows the completion of the metamorphosis of the silkworm to its moth stage, whereas most silk harvesting requires the silkworms to be killed in their cocoon stage. No animals suffer or die for the silk to be produced, making it a favorable alternative to normal silk for those who object to harming animals. 

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