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Naturally Dyed Baby Bodysuit

Naturally Dyed Baby Bodysuit

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Natural dyes are much more healthier and eco friendly than chemical dyes.

Natural dyes do not contain toxic and carcinogenic substances. 

Natural dyes has no synthetic ingredients. Products dyed with natural dyes are quite healthy. Since the substances used in natural dyes are a source of healing, they also benefit your skin.

How did we Dye Our Organic Baby Clothes?

Before dyeing, we have washed our product with natural olive oil soap to clean our fabric and make them ready to dye.

Than we have mordanted with our oak gallnut. One its dyed we used those dye to get the colors. 

We have dyed our first organic cotton baby clothes.  It has been mordanted 2 times to ensure colorfast of the colors.

Pink color is from madder.

Yellow from weld and some other natural dyes which give yellow color to ensure collorfast. 

Biege we have used acorn and walnut hull powder. 

3-6 Months 62 cm

9-12 Months 74 cm

18-24 Months, 86 cm

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