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Hemp Mask - 3D

Hemp Mask - 3D

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  • Made of 100% Hemp Fabric. 
  • Does not cause odor and moisture. Fabric color may vary.
  • Washing Instructions : Wash it by hand under water like a fence. It is washed by stripping it like ironing without deforming it and left to dry without deforming it.
  • Antibacterial Mask Made of 100% Organic Hemp Fabric. It is washable, does not smell and moisture, does not contain microbes, allows you to breathe freshly.
  • The mask is handmade and made of hemp cloth. The cloth is produced in the themazi shop with traditional methods. It can be reused by ironing after washing.

Please keep in mind that each is 100gr in terms of shipping. So if you buy 1 or 10 pcs, you will pay the same shipping cost. Shipping cost calculated based on product weight. 

What is hemp fabric benefits? 

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