Frequently Asked Questions - Shipping

Q.1. Where do we ship our Natural Dyes and Fabrics?

A.1. We do ship basically all around the world with UPS.  So if UPS is operating in your country, it means we do ship there. 

Q.2. Do we ship USA and Canada. 

A.2. Yes we do. Our most of customers are from the USA and Canada. We deliver with UPS in 4-6 days to those countries. There is no custom tax up to 800$.

Q.3. Do we deliver to the EU and how about the Custom?

A.3. Yes we deliver to the EU countries in 3-5 days normally. We now have IOSS number which is show that we pay VAT to the EU. When you will shop you will have to pay VAT to themazi. We will pay the VAT we charge to your country thanks to our IOSS number.  

Up to 150 Euro (excluding VAT and Shipping cost) you wont pay any custom tax while buying from themazi natural dyes. 



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