Who Are We?

We are a family-run business, based in the east of Turkey. Our company manufactures and sources a range of products used for natural plant dyeing: natural dyes, tannin sources and mordants. We also manufacture high-quality natural fabrics and yarns made of organic cotton, linen, wool, and hemp. We are very proud to make our very own vegan silk. Made out of these amazing fabrics, we created a collection of natural home textile and fashion garments. All of our fabrics, clothing, and home textiles are suitable for plant dying. Our products are available for both retail and wholesale purchase. We distribute our products worldwide for our customers, mostly to the USA.


Themazi stands for sustainability and ethical trade. The big majority of the plants we use to make dyes from are grown and harvested nearby by local workers. We work with local people to obtain our dyestuffs, to enable them to earn from the plants on their land and to protect these species. All our products are from sustainable sources, grown locally and indigenous to the area. Our products are environmentally friendly, as our planting and harvesting methods take account of respect for the land and the ecology of the flora and fauna around us. We work with local people to obtain our natural dyes like madder, buckthorn, weld, safflower to enable them to earn from the plants on their land and to protect these species.

Our Roots

Our name “mazi” is the Kurdish name for “oak gallnut” for it was our first product. Every summer we collect the gallnuts from our oak forests. The gallnuts are made by a type of wasp, and act as protection for the wasp larvae until they hatch, so it is important that we harvest at the right time of year to allow the life cycle of the wasp to be complete. To make doubly sure all the insects have left the galls, once picked, the gallnuts are left outside for at least two months before grinding and packaging. 

Retail & Wholesale Plant Dyes

As well as powdered and whole oak gallnuts, we supply a number of other tannin sources such as sumac powder, acorn and red pine extract. Also grown locally are our dyes, including buckthorn, weld, safflower, walnut and pomegranate. We supply madder which, grown and collected by local experts here in Anatolia, washed and powdered by us here at themazi. Most of natural dyes require a mordant for longevity, color manipulation, and durability. We sell all the mordants that can be necessary for plant dye projects. You can browse our blog for useful and educational content about dying with plant dies.