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The Plant Behind Turkey's Famous Red Dye (Madder - Rubia Tinctorum)

Madder, also known as Rubia tinctorum, has been used for centuries to create natural red dye in the Mediterranean region. The roots of the madder plant are rich in a compound called alizarin, which is responsible for its vibrant red color. Madder is primarily used to dye plant-based fabrics such as cotton and linen.

There are several types of madder, including Rubia Cordifolia and Rubia Tinctorum. Rubia Tinctorum is the most famous type of madder in Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan, while Rubia Cordifolia is renowned in India.

To produce high-quality madder, the roots must be at least three years old. The quality of the madder also depends on the soil and sunlight in which it is grown. Harvesting the madder roots can be a challenging process, as they are hard to grind into a fine powder. However, once the madder roots are ground, they can be used to create a range of natural dyes.

One of the most famous uses of madder is in the creation of Turkish Red, also known as Edirne Red. This historical color is created through a laborious painting process that has been shrouded in mystery and secrecy for centuries. The dyeing process involves washing the fabric in a mixture of olive oil, sheep manure, and other ingredients multiple times, resulting in a bright and permanent red color that is perfect for cotton.

themazi is one supplier of madder roots in Turkey. They collect their madder roots from Anatolia, where the plant has been grown for centuries. themazi has local experts who know where the madder grows and when the best time to harvest the roots is. Once harvested, the roots are washed to remove any soil and then ground into a fine powder using a special machine. themazi produces madder in large quantities and sells it wholesale to customers around the world.

In addition to madder, themazi also produces aleppo oak gallnuts, which are rich in tannin extract. These gallnuts are used in natural dyeing processes as a mordant to help the dye adhere to the fabric. themazi's oak gallnuts are one of the best on the market and are sustainably sourced. Gallnuts are not only used in natural dyeing processes but also in medicine and chemicals for their antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

In conclusion, madder is a valuable plant that has been used for centuries to create vibrant natural red dyes. The roots of the madder plant are rich in alizarin, which is responsible for its color. Suppliers like themazi collect madder roots from Anatolia and produce madder in large quantities for wholesale customers. Madder is also used in the creation of Turkish Red, a historical color that has been shrouded in secrecy for centuries. The addition of oak gallnuts as a mordant in the dyeing process helps create a lasting color on fabrics.

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