Madder ( Rubia Tinctorum ) from Turkey

Madder ( Rubia Tinctorum ) from Turkey

Madder which is known, Rubia tinctorum, is a native plant to the Mediterranean region that has been used for centuries to create red natural dye. Mostly it has been used to dye plant based fabrics like cotton, linen etc. There are many type of madder; while Rubia Tinctorum is famous in Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Rubia Cordifolia is famous in India.  

The dye quality of the madder varies according to the amount of alizarin that has been found in the madder roots which is rich in red alizarin and are the source of a strong red dye. Alizarin, a red dye originally obtained from the madder roots. If you want have really good quality madder, the madder roots has to be at least 3 years old. But this is not the only criteria. The soil and the sun is also important to get the best Alizarin.

Why Turkish Red is Famous?

Turkish Red, (Eng.Turkey Red, Fr.Rouge de Turc, Rouge d'Andrinople-Edirne Red) is a historical color that involves a very laborious painting process, for which a lot of effort and money is spent, and rewards are given to those who solve the secret.  Turkish Red or Edirne Red painting, which has become famous all over the world in the field of painting since the 16th century, has preserved its mystery and confidentiality for many years based on the master apprentice teaching. The introduction of this technique to Western Europe was brought by these painters in 1746, when two painters who painted Turkish Red were taken from Izmir to France and then spread to England. It is known that there were six factories that dyed Turkish Red in Glasgow in the 19th century. 

It is stated that the dyeing of the fabric is a long and complex process that results from washing ‘olive oil, sheep manure and other ingredients’ in ashy water more than once, and this process provides a bright and permanent red color that fits perfectly with cotton.

Where Our Madder Comes From?

themazi is collecting its own madder roots in Anatolia, where madder has been growing for centuries. We have local experts that know where the madder grows and what is the best time to harvest madder roots. It's quite nice activity to look for madder roots. Once we harvest the madder roots for natural red color, it has to be washed to remove the soil. The madder roots are hard to make powder. So we use special machine to make powder from the washed madder roots. The process itself quite challenging. 

We produce madder and sell as a wholesale to many countries around the world. Please visit our website for checking our madder.

Madder & Aleppo Oak Gall  (Quercus infectoria )

As you know our main product is aleppo oak gallnuts, which is very rich in tannin extract. We produce tonnes of oak gall every year and use it in natural dye process as a mordant. And our oak gallnut are one of the best in the market. I would recomend you to read CATHARINE ELLIS blog regarding the details. 

Gallnuts are colorless source of tannin, thats why its very much suit to use as a mordant textile. It's purely natural and comes from sustainable sources. 

In order to creates Turkish red, the oak gallnuts been used as a mordant in the dye process. 

Oak gallnut is a magical product; it's not just used in natural dye as a mordant; but it's also been used in chemical and medicine for its antibacterial and antioxidant activity.

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