What is Muslin Fabric?

What is Muslin Fabric?

Muslin fabric is is a type of fabric made of 100% natural cotton. It is an organic, healthy, natural, soft and breathable product. Moreover, it has a texture that softens as it is washed. It is also an indispensable part of baby products.

Many believe it got its name from the city of Mosul, where it was first built.
One of the oldest cotton cloths, muslin cloth was hand-woven in Turkey and became extremely popular in the world.

Muslin has become a very popular fabric over the years for its soft, light and pure feel and texture.
So why is muslin fabric so important? We know that your baby's skin is much more sensitive and sensitive than yours.
A baby's skin barrier is 30% thinner than an adult's, making it difficult for them to adapt easily to temperature changes.
Your baby's skin also loses moisture twice as fast and can therefore easily become dry and flaky.
That's why your baby's innocent skin deserves the best care and the gentlest fabrics.
Here are some of the reasons why muslin is one of our top choices for your baby's skin.

What is benefit of Muslin Fabric for babies?

1. Thanks to its open weave, muslin is an exceptionally light and breathable fabric that helps keep your baby comfortable and warm, but at the same time allows air to flow freely, preventing the possibility of overheating.
That's why muslin fabric is the safest choice for all baby products.

2. Muslin fabrics are very soft for your baby's sensitive skin and keep your child comfortable, pampered and in a state of pure happiness!
Themazi's are manufacturing its own muslin with premium care. 

3. Muslin is also a stretchy fabric and stretches gently to conform to your baby's shape for maximum comfort. Your baby will sleep longer and better when comfortably wrapped in a muslin blanket.

4. It is an extremely durable fabric and gets softer every time you wash it.

5. Pure cotton muslin fabrics are free of chemicals and harmful substances, making them 100% safe for your baby's skin and sustainable and gentle for our environment.

6. Muslin cloths can be used and reused in a variety of different ways.
Once you're done using it as a baby blanket, you can even use it as a cleaning cloth, nursing cover, changing mat or crib sheet.

Muslin fabric is now woven in many different way with using different technic. As themazi we manufacture 2 layer muslin, 3 layer muslin and 4 layer muslin and many other woven cotton fabrics in Turkey. 

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