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Safflower Dye by Michel Garcia

‚ú® Michel Garcia used our Safflower rose petal the outcome is spectacularūüíē#michelgarcia
“Safflower rose or Indian rose
Rarely used in painting, it was one of the most renowned cosmetic pigments in Europe, from Renaissance to early nineteenth century.
One way to make it was to dye cotton pink and then rub off to remove pure pigment, mixed with thin talc.
Here's one of those recipes:
1-Safflower ligules are placed to macerate in cold water, with a little citric acid
2-The mix is filtered. Yellow juice is not preserved. Operation 3 or four times is repeated until the juice flowing from the washed ligules is light yellow and clear.
3-A solution of potassium carbonate is then prepared in which the ligules are macerated again, then this new juice is separated by pressing through a tissue. Alkaline extractions are repeated and carefully filtered juices are kept.
4-Cotton fabrics (usually falls), are macerated in this alkaline solution, then citric acid is added to neutralize alkalinity
5-Pink coloring appears and rushes to the fabric
6-The dyed fabric is then flushed with pure water to remove the traces of yellow.
7-Then it's rubbed off in potash carbonate solution: All the pure coloring is found in the solution
8-Added citric acid, then fine talc (magnesium silicate), which aggregates the pigment and drops it to the bottom of the bowl.
9-All it needs is to do is filter the pink pigment through a cloth and dry it.‚ÄĚ
Safflower pink dyeing naturally

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