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Red Pine Bark Extract | Tannin Extract

Red Pine Bark Extract | Tannin Extract

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Name: Red Pine bark extract powder

Red pine bark extract is high in tannins and can be used as a natural dye to produce a range of yellow, beige and brown tones.  Our pine bark extract comes from a by-product of Turkey’s timber industry.  Red pine is native to the eastern Mediterranean, and to Calabria in Italy, where it is known as Calabrian pine.  Forests were planted in Mediterranean coastal areas in the 1930s-1970s to act as soil protection and windbreaks.

How red pine bark extract powder is produced:

Our pine extract originates from forests on the west coast of Turkey.  Timber from the forests is produced for the construction and paper industries, and for carpentry.  Before the timber is processed, the felled trees have their bark peeled off, with a special machine.  This bark, a by-product, is then used to create our themazi dye/tannin extract. 

Historical use of red pine: 

The use of red pine bark extract as a dye does not have a long history.  Recent studies have, however, found it to have good wash and light fastness.  The main uses of the tree, other than for its timber, are culinary and medicinal.  Its sap is used to flavour white wines such as the traditional Retsina, and ‘pine honey’ is made by a sap-sucking insect.  The resin is also used in traditional Turkish medicine, mixed with honey for treating stomach and intestinal wounds, and as a mouth and tooth cleaner.  In ‘oil of turpentine’, it is antiseptic and astringent, and is used as a rub in steam baths.

How to dye with red pine bark extract powder:

Red pine bark extract is high in tannin so it can be used without a mordant, but for darker shades, an aluminium mordant can be useful.

Ensure your fiber/fabric has been properly scoured and mordanted, if you wish, before use.

Use 20g red pine bark extract powder to dye approximately 100g of fiber.  Red pine bark extract powder is suitable for hot and all-in-one dyebath techniques.  Cover the powder with boiling water and simmer for an hour. Strain off the solids if you wish and add the fiber/fabric to the liquid, topping up if necessary to allow plenty of room for the fiber/fabric to be moved around.  Simmer for a further hour, allow to cool and soak for several hours or overnight.  Stir occasionally to ensure even take-up of the dye/tannin. The use of an iron sulphate modifier after dyeing can provide beautiful olive greens.

How do we ship your order?  

We ship our natural dyes worldwide. Once you enter your address, you can see the shipping cost to your country. We ship with express delivery which means we use TNT, UPS, or DHL carriers. 

Please keep in mind that the shipping cost is calculated on the basis of weight including packaging, so it may be beneficial to order more than one product at a time.  You will pay the same shipping fee for 400g of products as for 100g.

Buying red pine bark extract powder in bulk:

We sell red pine bark extract powder in small quantities as shown on our website. Please be aware that we also sell bulk quantities wholesale. We consider every order over 50kg as wholesale and we offer discounted prices.  To enquire about this, click here.

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