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Acorn Extract | Tanin Extract

Acorn Extract | Tanin Extract

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Name: Acorn extract 

Scientific Name: Quercus

The acorn is the fruit of varieties of oak trees (quercus species). Oak is native to the northern hemisphere, and over 500 varieties exist.  Acorn tannin has good wash and light-fastness.  It can be used as a dyestuff for ginger brown colours, or as a tannin in a mordanting process.

How dried acorn extract powder is produced:

Here at themazi, we work with another local company to bring this product to you.  The acorns from Turkish quercus macrolepsis are collected when fully ripened, and the acorns are separated from their cups.  The acorns are used to make flour and are also sold as a foodstuff to pig breeders.  The cups, which have a very high tannin content, are used to make our acorn extract powder. 

Historical use of acorns:

The use of acorns as a foodstuff for humans and animals is known throughout history.  Acorns are high in tannins, making them very bitter tasting, so many civilisations developed techniques to remove the tannins.  Acorn flour was the main product, but in more recent history, acorns were used to make a coffee substitute in the American Civil War and the Second World War.  It has been used as a medicine to cure inflammation and kidney stones, and as a food for livestock.  Acorn cups have been used in the leather industry as a tanning agent.

How to use dried acorn extract /acorn tannin powder:

Ensure your fiber/fabric has been properly scoured before use. 

To dye fabric/fiber:  Use at least 20g acorn extract powder to dye approximately 100g of fiber. Acorn extract powder is suitable for cold, hot and all-in-one dyebath techniques.  To make an all-in-one dyebath, pour boiling water over the powder.  Allow the mixture to cool overnight.  The next day, bring the dyebath to a gentle simmer, add the fabric/fiber and simmer gently for an hour. Leave for several hours or overnight, stirring occasionally. Charcoal grey and darker brown shades can be obtained with the use of iron sulphate.

To use as a tannin in a tannin/aluminium mordanting process:  Use 10g acorn extract powder for 100g of fiber.  Pour boiling water over the powder.  Allow the mixture to cool overnight.  The next day, bring the tannin bath to a gentle simmer, add the fabric/fiber and more hot water if necessary to cover the fabric/fiber.  Leave for several hours or overnight, stirring occasionally.  Follow this with the use of an aluminium mordant, and a second tannin soak, if desired.


adyeingartitaly, a photographer and natural dyer based in Italy, used our acorn extract tannin.   “The acorn extract was a real surprise. It gave, without the addition of mordants, beautiful shades. I really recommend It to everyone who Is approaching natural dyeing for the first time. It's very easy to use and you don't need anything but a pot with hot water to do It.”

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Buying dried acorn extract powder in bulk:

We sell dried acorn extract powder in small quantities as shown on our website. Please be aware that we also sell bulk quantities wholesale. We consider every order over 50kg as wholesale and we offer discounted prices.  To enquire about this, click here

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