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S.1. Hand Woven Peace Silk Shawl

S.1. Hand Woven Peace Silk Shawl

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 Hand woven peace silk shawl 

100% peace silk, available in two sizes, 40 x 180cm or 70 x 180cm 

As light as air and as soft as clouds, silk is a sensationally luxurious natural fiber that has been used throughout history to design the clothes and textiles of royalty across the world. The process of creating silk cloth, however, was one that was needlessly harmful to the hardworking silkworm moth, the source of this delightfully soft, strong material. Our Peace Silk Handwoven Silk Shawl uses an enlightened, cruelty-free process to gather up silk fibers after newborn moths emerge, ensuring a better quality of life - as well as longevity - for these wondrous winged workers. The result is an indulgent, lightweight fabric with an amazing handfeel, finished with a line of delicate hand-knotted fringe on each end.

  • A swath of cruelty-free Peace Silk, produced through a process that doesn’t require harming or killing newborn silkworm moths.
  • Hand-woven texture is incredibly fine and beautiful, making this shawl a versatile and noteworthy fashion accessory.
  • The perfect solution for stylish silk-lovers that want to shop ethically and responsibly while still enjoying the incomparable feel of imported peace silk.
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