• Buy From the EU Without Paying the Custom Tax

    Themazi is now registered for Import-One-Stop-Shop ( IOSS ) in the EU. It means that while shopping on themazi, you will have to pay VAT. The VAT t...
  • Madder Dye Kit | Red Shades

    How to Dye with Madder Root Powder? 100g cotton fabric (Any of them from our store) 20g sodium carbonate (soda ash) - for the scouring stage 10g oa...
  • How to Madder Dyeing, Purples and Mauves?

    Madder dye kit 1 (mauve/purple) 100g cotton fabric 20g sodium carbonate (soda ash) 100g madder powder  2g iron sulphate You will need Contents of...
  • Safflower Dye by Michel Garcia

    ✨ Michel Garcia used our Safflower rose petal the outcome is spectacular💕#michelgarcia   “Safflower rose or Indian rose Rarely used in p...
  • Madder Root + Buckthorn Peace Silk Bundle Dye Tutorial (in collaboration with Naturally Dyed Goods)

    We are excited to share with you a step-by-step tutorial for dyeing our hand-woven peace silk shawl (buy here) with using our Madder (buy here) ...
  • How to Make Oakgall Ink?

    Recipe by Maydi Díaz from SundayScriptorium. Ingredients: 1 ounce of Oakgalls A small piece of natural linen + twine 12 ounces of Rai...
  • How To Dye With Natural Indigo | Indigofera Tinctorum

    Written by Elisabeth Culshaw I am a natural dyer and I love working with Indigo. It is such a special dye one has to feel grateful for. It takes so...
  • Natural Dyes You Can Use to Colour Your Fabrics

    Non-toxic Movement: 17 Natural Dyes You Can Use to Colour Your Fabrics Sustainability is a huge “trend” these days. But could it be a must? Conside...

    How to natural dye fabric at home with onion skins?  As you know there are two types of onion; red and orange. Both have super-nice colors once you...
  • Madder ( Rubia Tinctorum ) from Turkey

    Turkish Red, (Eng.Turkey Red, Fr.Rouge de Turc, Rouge d'Andrinople-Edirne Red) is a historical color that involves a very laborious painting process, for which a lot of effort and money is spent, and rewards are given to those who solve the secret.  
  • How to Prepare Fiber/Fabric for Natural Dyeing

    Fibers and fabrics must be properly prepared for natural dyeing.  If they are not properly prepared, this can lead to uneven uptake of dye and poor...
  • How to Dye with Madder? (Rubia Tinctorum) ?

    How do you dye cotton with madder powder?

    What color is madder root?

    How do you dye natural fibers?

    How do you dye fabric naturally?


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