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Pomegranate Peel Powder

Pomegranate Peel Powder

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Here at Themazi, we obtain our pomegranate peel from a local producer, who sells the seeds for use in foodstuffs. Because we buy the peel as a by-product of their process, it prevents this part of the fruit from being wasted. We dry the peel in the shade to avoid any loss of tannins and powder them with our machines. 

Pomegranate- Punica Granatum fruits grow on a shrub-like tree and ripen in October. The pomegranate originated in the Middle East and the Mediterranean Basin. It is cultivated mainly for culinary use, but the peel can also be used as a natural dye. The peel is high in tannins with tannin content being approximately 20%. 

Color effect: Gentle yellow tones which can be modified to soft greens and greys with the use of iron sulfate.


Tannin-aluminum mordanting process, which is explained in our blog.

How to use pomegranate peel powder:

Ensure your fiber/fabric has been properly scoured before use. 

To dye or prepare fiber/fabric for the first stage in a tannin-iron mordanting procedure. Use at least 20g of dried pomegranate powder to dye or prepare approximately 100g of fiber. Cover with boiling water and simmer for 45 minutes. Strain off the solids if you wish and add the fiber/fabric to the liquid, topping up if necessary to allow plenty of room for the fiber/fabric to be moved around.  Simmer for a further 30 minutes, allow to cool, and soak for several hours or overnight.  Stir occasionally to ensure even take-up of the dye/tannin. The use of an iron sulfate modifier after dyeing can provide soft greens and greys.

Buying pomegranate peel powder in bulk:

Themazi manufactures pomegranate peel powder in Turkey and you can purchase wholesale pomegranate peel powder from us. The MOQ for wholesale pomegranate peel powder is 50 kg. For wholesale inquiries and price offers please click here.


Product Review:

Our pomegranate powder has been tested by @adyeingartitaly. She shared with us how she used it:

“First of all, I cleaned the fabrics well with two ecological products: a fabric softener and a cleaner. After washing them, I let them dry in shadow. For the recipe, I've soaked the material in water, and let It rest for a night. Next, I boiled It for almost an hour.  I soaked the fabrics in the dye and boiled them again for 45 minutes. After the pan was cold I washed the fabrics in water with a fabric softener and a cleaner. It's important in the case of silk to check the temperature, it must be always between 85-90°C”

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