%100 Merino Wool Men Pants Underwear

%100 Merino Wool Men Pants Underwear

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This soft, 100% Merino wool Pants Underwear offers breathable warmth, moves sweat away from the body, and provides next-to-skin comfort in colder conditions.

Made of: 100% Australian merino wool. 20 micron wool is used for extra softness. 

Thermal merino wool pants are recommended to wear for men as a base layer close to your body. Men's merino wool thermal underwear made of Woolmark certificate merino wool which is excellent at regulating body temperature: wool provides the warmth without overheating you and draws moisture away. You will be able to stay comfortable and warm in any type of weather conditions- warm or cold.
One more perfect quality is that merino wool absorbs moisture and with our long underwear for men you will be dry and warm.

When made from Merino wool, thermal base layers help against feeling even the most bitter of weather while maintaining maximum comfort. Ultra fine Merino is as soft as cotton and helps maintain the body’s optimum temperature without overheating.
Merino wool with natural fiber structure is used in all our products. In this way, you can overcome the cold winter months without getting cold by balancing your body temperature in a healthy and natural way. In order to get the full performance of our products, take care to contact the skin directly.

Woolen clothes wick away sweat and keep the body dry (your sweat does not get cold on you)


  • Wool, which allows air and moisture to pass through the fabric in both directions, is breathable.
  • Unlike other fibers with its natural anti-static properties, wool has the ability to absorb more than 33% of its own weight in moisture vapor without giving a feeling of wetness. Wool does not sweat and absorbs sweat.
  • Thanks to its natural antimicrobial feature, it reduces the growth possibility of bacteria and fungi and thus prevents the formation of odor.
  • Wool is a heat stabilizer. It is cold proof.
  • Wool is not allergic. On the contrary, it does not allow the formation of allergic environments.
  • Wool is flexible.
  • Wool is natural.
  • Wool is healthy.
  • Wool is soft.
  • It has been determined that wool improves sleep quality thanks to its natural breathing and body temperature regulation feature.
The Woolmark licensing program is a textile quality assurance and product certification scheme that guarantees fibre content and quality to both consumers and the supply chain. Yarns, fabrics and garments are subject to rigorous independent testing to achieve the prestigious Woolmark certification.
Washing Instruction: Wash in 30 degrees + Do not bleach + Do not dry in the dryer + Do not  dry clean