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Cotton Bags

Cotton Bags

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All cotton bags are made from our %100 cotton fabrics. (Dyed one is as a sample, if you like to us dye your cotton bag please let us know)

We offer a wide range of sizes which can accomplish your everyday storage necessities.

We also do make those bags for customised sizes. Please let us know which sizes you like to have. 

Natural color (Can Be Dyed, Printed and Hand Stamped In Any Color)

For wholesale price we can do each bags with small 2$/each big sizes 2.5$. Please let us know if you need those cotton bags. Minimum order for wholesale production is 250pcs. 


Q: Can you dye my cotton bags? 

A: Yes we can dye your cotton bags. Please let us know the sizes and colors.


Q: Can you print my logo on cotton bags?

A: Yes we can print your logo on cotton bags once you ordered more that 250pcs. Please send us your logo in vector file once you decide to print your logo on those cotton bags. For printing your logo on each, we charge 0,40$/pcs. 


Q: Can I order different sizes?


Q: Can you dye naturally those cotton bags?

Yes we can dye with our natural dyes in the color that you like to have.


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