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No.8 Hera Luxury Cotton Fabric

No.8 Hera Luxury Cotton Fabric

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It has a soft structure, although it is a slightly thicker and tight weave compared to other fabrics. You can make a very beautiful robe, pillowcase, bedspread from this fabric.

It is a fabric that we weave considering the demands of our customers.

Width: 150cm

Gsm: 180gr

Environmental Information:

Themazi fabrics contain 0% harmful pesticides and GMOs. Our products are produced with respect to people and the environment. Because of the non-chemical manufacturing process, our fabrics are hypoallergenic and safe home products. Themazi fabrics are 100% biodegradable.


Wholesale: 6,50$ per 1 yard of 93x150cm fabric. (6$ if you buy more than 60 yards/meters)

60x37x36cm cartoon box can take 27 yards (26 meters) of the Hera Fabric. 

Shipping cost for 60x37x36cm cartoon box;

to USA and Canada is 120 USD

to the EU counties 70 or 80 USD depending on the country. 

To order please send us email to

We will send you payment link for the order. 

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