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No.2 Sile Fabric | Double Layer

No.2 Sile Fabric | Double Layer

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Name: Sile-Double Layer 

Composition: 100% Cotton

Size: width 130 cm

Weight: 120 GSM

Selling Unit: Yard (92cm - 3 feet)

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Sile fabric, pronounced shi-lé, which is 100% cotton, owes its unique qualities to its special production process.   It originates from the city of Sile in Istanbul on the Black Sea Coast of Turkey where it has been made for hundreds of years.  Traditional sile fabric is obtained from 20 numbered twisted crepe yarns. In the first stage, the ropes or skeins called “Kelep” are treated with a special flour paste called “çırşı” in copper cauldrons and boiled with sea water. 

This process gives the threads their strength and sheen.  The cooled skeins are dried on poles and cleaned of paste residues. The original color of the sile fabric is beige, but it can also be white and be made from dyed threads of various colors. 

After the yarn is spun, traditional Şile fabric is woven on special wooden looms. These looms are hand and foot-operated by the artisan weavers to create flawless cloth. 

The most interesting and characteristic stage of the fabric production is the washing of the fabric with sea water and laying it on the beaches to dry.  It is thought that the iodine and quartz in the sand give the fabric its special sweat-proof properties.  After drying, the fabric is often decorated with prints and hand embroidery before use for different purposes.  Often traditional cross stitch motifs are used that are unique to the region.

A wide variety of items are produced from sile fabric. Due to the nature of the fabric, it easily absorbs sweat and does not require ironing. Since completely natural methods are used in its production, it is a very environmentally friendly product. 

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