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S.4. Handmade Peace Silk and Linen Shawl

S.4. Handmade Peace Silk and Linen Shawl

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Hand woven Peace silk/linen shawl  

Size: 180 x 60cm

These beautiful shawls are made from 50% peace silk and 50% linen. Made for those who say, 'I don't want a creature to die because I will wear silk', peace silk, non-violent silk or Ashima silk, is created without any harm to the silk worms or moths.  A species of moth with a golden coloured cocoon are allowed to mature to enable the moths to hatch before their silk is spun.  This species was almost extinct prior to being located and bred by our passionate producer.  The silk has organic certification, our principle here at themazi is that if you don't love the animal, you can't work with us.  Our local Turkish producers care for the silkworms which feed on mulberry leaves grown especially for the purpose.   Taking longer to produce than other silk, using ‘ethical fashion’ principles includes complying with legal and environmental guidelines 

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