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Madder | Rubia Tinctorum L.

Madder | Rubia Tinctorum L.

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Madder | Rubia Tinctorum L.

 Madder Root Powder

Madder Root Powder is derived from the roots of the Rubia Tinctorum plant, a perennial herb known for its natural dye properties. Native to the Aegean region of Turkey, our Madder Root Powder is meticulously produced to provide a high-quality, vibrant red dye. Let's delve into the fascinating details of this remarkable natural dye:

Our Madder Roots are exclusively sourced from the fertile lands of the Aegean region in Turkey. Local farmers, deeply connected to the tradition of natural dyeing, cultivate and harvest these roots with great care. This region's unique climate and soil composition contribute to the exceptional quality and potency of the Madder Root Powder.

Historical Significance:
Madder root has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It has been a prized natural dye utilized by various cultures, including the Vikings, Romans, and medieval Europeans. The renowned artists Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt are among those who embraced the exquisite hues derived from Madder Root for their artworks.

Cultivation and Harvest:
The Rubia Tinctorum plant requires a minimum of three years to mature before its roots, rich in the active compound alizarin, are ready for harvest. The roots are carefully collected by local farmers during the optimal harvesting period, ensuring both sustainability and potency.

Production Process:
After harvesting, the Madder Roots undergo a meticulous drying process. The roots are left to dry naturally in the shade, preserving their color content. Once dried, we employ state-of-the-art machinery at Themazi to finely powder the roots, resulting in the Madder Root Powder that we offer to you.

Dyeing Techniques:
Madder Root Powder, renowned for its rich red tones, can be employed in various dyeing techniques. It is high in tannins, allowing for use without a mordant for lighter shades. For deeper reds, incorporating a mordant and iron as a modifier can enhance and diversify the color palette.

Bulk Orders:
At Themazi we are proud to support small businesses. You have the option to place bulk orders starting from a minimum of 30 kg. We offer special and competitive prices for bulk purchases, allowing you to save money as your order quantity increases. Contact us for more information.

Global Shipping:
We are proud to offer our Madder Root Powder to customers worldwide. Our trusted shipping partners including FEDEX, UPS and DHL ensure safe and efficient delivery. Shipping costs are calculated by weight and offer flexibility for varying order sizes. Note that shipping costs are reduced for bulk orders


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