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How to Dye with Madder
Madder | Rubia Tinctorum L.
Madder | Rubia Tinctorum L.
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Madder | Rubia Tinctorum L.

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Themazi madder powder originates from the Aegean region of Turkey. Unlike in concentrated farming, our madder is grown and collected by local farmers in a number of different villages, each farmer harvesting the roots carefully to maintain the crop for future years. After careful checking, the roots are left to dry naturally and are washed and powdered by us here at Themazi.

Color effect of madderWhilst it is most famous for its red colors, it is possible, by using a variety of techniques, for yellow, orange, red, coral, pink, and purple shades to be obtained from our madder powder.

Madder- Rubia Tinctorum is a perennial plant with evergreen leaves and yellow flowers that is cultivated for its long roots from which the dye is made of. The plants should be at least three years old before their roots, containing the active compound, alizarin, are harvested. 

How to Mordant with madder: Madder extract produces a vibrant red color with an alum mordant. An aubergine purple can also be obtained from madder by using iron as a mordant and then applying an alkaline modifier. 

How to dye with madder root powder:

Ensure your fiber/fabric has been properly scoured before use. Depending on the effects required, different mordants may be used.

Use 100g madder powder to dye approximately 100g of fiber, for strong tones.

You can read our blog on scouring and mordanting.

Buying weld extract in bulk:

Themazi manufactures weld extract in Turkey and you can purchase wholesale weld extract from us. The MOQ for wholesale weld extract is 50 kg. For wholesale inquiries and price offers please click here.

Product Review:

Ceilidh has used our madder and she said: 

"I discovered Themazi’s natural dyes at the beginning of this year. It was the first time I dyed with madder and I was totally blown away by the color I achieved. Super rich reds when used in conjunction with tannin and lovely salmon pinks when used with alum mordants alone."

Ceilidh is based in The south of France where she does natural dyeing for her brand Billynou and creates YouTube videos about natural dyeing with her partner Alex and daughter Billy.



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