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Madder | Starter Dye Kit!

Madder | Starter Dye Kit!

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Madder Dyeing, Purples and Mauves

What is in the package?

Madder dye kit 1 (mauve/purple)

100g cotton fabric

20g sodium carbonate (soda ash)

100g madder powder 

2g iron sulphate

 Pair Gloves

1 Mask

You will need

  • Contents of the kit
  • A well ventilated space with a controllable heat source for 'cooking' the dye and the fabric
  • A thermometer that can be put in liquid and measures up to 100 degrees Celsius (212F)
  • A large non-reactive pan with a lid that you will never use for cooking food again. You might be able to find one second hand. 
  • A plastic bucket
  • Tongs or a wooden spoon
  • Protective gloves, eg plastic 
  • Face mask (optional)

Read our blog for the recipe!


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