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Weld Extract

Weld Extract

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Themazi Weld Extract is made on water-based extraction. The flowers are farmed organically in Turkey and dried naturally during the hot summers.

Color effect: Bright yellow. Weld Extract yields an intense yellow color with as little as 5% weight-of-fabric (WOF) on natural fibers mordanted with alum.

Weld–Reseda Luteola is also known as Dyers Weld, Dyers Rocket, and Dyers Mignonette.

Weld is the most lightfast of the yellow dyes. Ancient tapestry weavers in Central Asia, Turkey, and Europe used the dye. Weld is the brightest and clearest yellow flower dye. In combination with iron, weld creates a rich chartreuse, or when overdyed with indigo yields a clear lime green.


Weld Extract bonds most effectively to fibers that have been mordanted with alum. For best results, soak your fibers in water for a few hours before mordanting, so that the mordant will penetrate deeply and evenly. Make sure to weigh the fibers first, while they are still dry.

Buying weld extract in bulk:

Themazi manufactures weld extract in Turkey and you can purchase wholesale weld extract from us. The MOQ for wholesale weld extract is 50 kg. For wholesale inquiries and price offers please click here.



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